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Automotive Supplier - Case Study 

DuPont - Nylon Manufacturing Facility


Dupont manufactures nylon for the automotive industry in North America. The spinning process uses large industrial air washers to mist and cool the nylon before final production. Using filtered lake water, the air washers would get a build-up of calcium carbonate scale in the cooling fins that would then reduce and eliminate the flow of moistened air through the washers. Every 90 days the complete T-333 process would need to be shut down for scheduled maintenance to clean the air washers, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity and labour.



GII Scale Control, with their knowledge of electronic descaling technology, was called in to investigate the process. We supplied and installed our the GII Scale Sontrol system to eliminate the scale build-up in the air washers. DuPont's facility, now owned by Invista Canada, has eliminated the scale in its manufacturing process. The company went on to purchase several more systems and have installed them throughout the plant on each of the industrial air washers.



  • $1.6 million in annual savings

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