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A Case Study in Leachate Scale Removal

A "Big 3" Landfill - United States



MSW Landfill - Midwest United States





Aluminum dross creating accelerated heat in leachate creating havoc on force mains, pumps, gravity lines and more.





A landfill located in the U.S. Midwest was starting to experience severe leachate scale formation site-wide. This was due to a key variable for leachate formation (heat); created by a large quantity of aluminum dross that entered the landfill. GII Scale Control was able to analyze the leachate samples and the site layout dynamics to come up with a customized leachate scale removal solution. that has removed a severe leachate scale formation issue.


By December 2017, the site's most severe leachate scale formation issue was resolved and the site had gone from a single test Leachate Scale Control System  to 22 active systems on site. The leachate is flowing freely.

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