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A Project by Gii

Line to City Collecting Scale in Florida

Location: South Florida, United States

City owned MSW Landfill over 30 years old is experiencing rising temperatures of leachte and 8000 feet of line to the City PSW is now requiring jetting at least twice annually.


Increased temperatures of leachate are a critical factor to increased precipitation of scaling.  The 8000 foot stretch of line is becoming a costly nuisance and is difficult to budget for with variable scaling formation.  The city looks for a way to save costs with this new problem that is becoming worse and worse.



GII Scale Control provided the Landfill with 4 FlowScience 2XL Leachate Scale Control Systems to be placed along the 6"  collection line.   Each location was decided on through a simple consultation between Gii Group Sales Engineer and the site Environmental manger in about 30 minutes.  Systems were drop shipped to site in less than 2 weeks and installed by a 2 man crew the day after arrival.


Within 8 weeks flow was back to full capacity and the site engineer has found other areas to apply the FlowScience LCS technology.




Leachate Collection Pipe.jpg
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