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Gii Remote Solar  


Power your Flowscience or any other remote power need with our new series of durable, remote monitored solar solutions. 

Grady Solar bases.jpg

Remote Solar

Get more sustainable. Reduce long term power costs and take advantage of rebates and grants.  Through the life of the landfill you can use grid power when the site is actively being filled and then move to solar power as the site is closed. This allows for long term management and monitoring without infrastructure.


Landfill Solutions

Flowscience now comes as a complete 100% sustainable solution for control of leachate scale and has huge advantages for remote locations.  We can take care of all your other remote power needs including your de-watering pumps with  Gii Remote Solar packages.

Landfill Solar Package Photo.jpg


Green is the new oil.  Our remote solar power solutions are best in class and can help reduce operational costs over time.  Federal and state/province rebates help make the choice easier to power your project needs long term.

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