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A Case Study 

Force Main Clogging in California

Location: California, United States

MSW landfill located in California has 3000 linear feet of collection pipes experiencing mixing leachates. 



The precipitation of leachate scaling over a 3000 foot run of 4" collection pipes is becoming more consistent and jetting is being done every 3 months.  The cost of cleaning is approximately $18,000.00 X 4 per year.  Costly, time consuming and redundant.  Leachate scaleing is popular in California.



GII Scale Control provided the Landfill with 2 FlowScience Leachate Scale Control Systems to be placed along the 4"  collection line.  Both powered with 12VDC solar.  Systems were put on line with approximately 2" of scale in the line that was seriously inhibiting flow.  


Within a week slurry like deposits of dissolved leachate scale began to accumulate in wells and other areas that were vacuumed away as per the FlowScience Post Installation Guide.  Pipes were completely clear of existing scale deposits in 6  weeks and have continued to stay clear as always.



​Year 1 - $60,000.00 

Year 2 - $78,500.00

California Landfill Leachate Scale Removal
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