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A Case Study in Scale Removal & Prevention:

Domtar - Pulp & Paper Industry B.C.

Location: British Columbia, Canada


Domtar's lime kiln scrubber historically experienced scaling problems in the piping and pumps that circulate water and mud slurry through the system. The pumping efficiency was typically observed to degrade after about 3 months of operation, wherein they were foced to stop the kilm in order to pressure wash and clean the system. Beyond the costs of pressure washing, the cost of the downtown was even worse.


The decision was made to go ahead with a 6 month trial of the GII Scale Control system. Under our advisement, it was installed downstream of the flow control valve. After a few adjustments, the piping and pumping system was remained clear of scale during the 6-month trial. The flow control valve kept a steady 32% opening week after week with a constant flow of 1200 L/min.


During a subsequent routine shutdown (at about approximately 8 months after install), very little to no traces of scale were found through the system.



  • Reduction in labour and chemical use...

  • ...resulting in $1.2 million annual savings

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