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A Case Study in Pump Protection

Virginia MSW - Pump Scaling Issues

Location: Virginia, United States

The MSW landfill located in the South East United States has been experiencing abnormally high temperatures in LF gas wells.  De-watering continues to be a challenge due to extreme pump scaling.  Gas extraction decreases and efficiencies suffer.



De-Watering is crucial for efficient gas extraction.  LFG pumps typically have one serious problem; they scale up.

Usual treatment is constant acid bathing and a good ole chisel and hammer.  If that cannot be done, pumps are then shipped to the OEM for refurbishment, repair or replacement.  Gas production is not on target and labour hours are out of control.



GII Scale Control provided the Landfill with a no-obligation trial, with the goal of keeping leachate scale from forming. We started with a clean pump in a well with severe scale precipitation characteristics.  SEE PHOTO.  By attaching our LSC Pump Protector in about 15 mins the pump in January 2019 has operated for nearly a year without maintenance.  As opposed to monthly pull and acid bath.


Not only did the pumps stay scale free but perforations of the LFG wells showed improvement.



  • ​​​​ TBD

  • Gas Production is Way Up!

Virginia Leachate scale on pump
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